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CPrimax Finance and its agriculture division,manage its agriculture investments in a manner that integrates the development, management, and operation of agricultural lands for useful products with a commitment to conserve soil, air, and water quality; biological diversity; wildlife habitats; and participation in vibrant, healthy communities.

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Primax Finance uses practical metrics to track, improve, and report sustainability performance of its agriculture investments. Coin Brokage practices with regard to ESG are embodied within the principles, policies, and best practices/procedures associated with the Coin Brokage’s Stewardship Program. Coin Brokage’s stewardship principles provide higher level philosophical guidance on matters relating to ESG across our agricultural investments. Stewardship policies align with the principles and are intended to add value to client investments and Coin Brokage’s business by decreasing operational risk and creating efficiencies. At local and regional levels, stewardship best practices and procedures provide specific guidelines that facilitate implementation of Coin Brokage’s Stewardship Program.

Sustainable Agriculture

Our clients’ assets are located across 336,000 acres of prime farmland in major agricultural regions including California, the Midwest, the Mississippi Delta, the Pacific Northwest, the Southern Plains, and Southeast United States; Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales Australia; and Quebec and Alberta, Canada.

We offer individually managed separate accounts that are fully customized to meet specific client investment objectives. Agricultural investments seek to provide institutional investors with a number of benefits including:

  • Attractive returns
  • Excellent capital preservation
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Low to moderate risk
  • Low correlation to traditional assets such as equities and bonds

This site provides an introduction to farmland as an investment opportunity and describes the investment capabilities of HAIG. Please contact us if you have questions about farmland investment fundamentals or if you would like to know more about how we can value add your portfolio.